Boxman Studios is a unique one-stop-shop for custom, modified shipping containers. They have a huge 60,000 square foot facility north of Uptown Charlotte and we had the pleasure of helping them produce a brand video. I called on several crew to help out, Tim Grant to write and direct, Maxwell Rousso for help with animation, Matthew Steele for Graphic work, Jason Hausman of Hot Sake and Scott Lazes and Gabby Obremski to help out with editing. Its said that two heads are better than one and in this case 7 heads are waaayyy better. Tim Grant came to the team with a passion for animation and he pushed the project to the next level by challenging us to animate the entire piece. Recently I have been experimenting with a parallax technique with my photos and we decided that the entire video would be shot with stills and bursts, some being green screened so we could animate the background for the parallax effect. The result has a great look and everyone was thrilled with the outcome! Enjoy!


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